What Now Derek?
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Derek Myers and Dan Lee give us their reactions to life as old dads, modern life and a hankering for good news.

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    Danny's Back

    Derek gets a spam call live on air. Dan's play Bottomless is in full swing so there's time to go see it. We discuss thin skin and coping with reviews. Dan surprises Derek with news of his next project. Shoutout to our listener Cherie and apologise for never looking at Twitter. The wall between the fictional ART of film and the behaviour expected when the cameras are off. Derek's new tech reveals we are recording a VIDEO. How do casting agents approach people for ugly parts? Do podcasters get the same licence to be offensive? We say NO. We catch up on the new tech at Castaway. all set for live streaming and video-ing podcasts. The secret life of twitter (and Cherie). JJ learns not to let me know what he's up to in bed before I have finished editing.

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    How to not die in Hanoi

    Dan and Derek catch up by phone during a hectic time for the both of them. Dan explains the way to not die in Hanoi traffic. Derek's famous (and soon to be more famous) desk goes on a journey. Dan's play coming up fast and our plans for the show next season.

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    Serious Grown Ups

    Derek and Dan finally catch up using magical phones and recorders. Derek is wrangling elderly parents as Dan begins rehearsals of his Australian debut play. That said, he has a play running in America and soon in England, but this is the first on home turf. We get an insight into the preparation involved in putting on a play, and how the writer's work is not over till the opening night. A plague hits the Lee household while Derek toys with doing the right thing for racehorses.

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    Religious Views are better with binoculars

    A quick phone call to Dan (in Broome until next week) to catch up on the news quickly slips into religion and a trip into the dark past. Thanks to our caller Cherie from Canberra, we explained the background of our relationship... from quoting Withnail and I on the beach in the early 90's to Dan wandering in with Missy years later. Apparently podcasting face to face is like AA, and a little like praying to a god who isn't there. Dan discusses the amazing contacts he has reconnected with while in Broom and how he has some good content for his upcoming (secret) podcast. Recording Space Gandalf, the home schooled astronomer sky-tour-guide and frogs barking. Perfectly normal things to do on holidays.

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    When Danny met Harry

    What Now host Dan Lee becomes the first Aussie podcaster to hang with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yep, it is true. A big scoop for What Now. In this episode Dan discusses what it is like to chat with the Prince, and what it is like to be the Plus One at the big events. Somehow it gets onto our disgraceful interactions with the police in more youthful times. Dan is happy to be back in Broom and right now is probably standing on a deserted beach with a fishing rod. Pfft. can't be as good as typing shownotes in Preston while watching the Bachelorette.

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    Josh Janssen from the Daily Talk Show

    Josh Janssen, international podcaster joins derek while Dan is away. Josh, who partners with Tommy Jackett on the Daily Talk Show, talks with Derek about our similarities and differences as podcasters. The Importance of a tech setup and how that varies depending on each persons personality type. Derek fills in the weary traveller on highlights of OzPOD 2018, an ABC organised National Podcasting conference. (which was great BTW) A long day in the saddle was well worth it, from an insight into the big time podcast production styles through tech and sound engineering to Indy podcasters explaining how and why they got started. Dan's absence (and very good looks) is noted. We will let him tell us whay he is away... It is a SCOOP.,...

    Josh worries about bringing a kid into a doomed world, and Derek says ""breed an army of world savigng post-millenials"" We had better get ready to be despised by future gens. Veganism. Why are we discussing veganism?

    Derek's shopping bag guilt... we shall get there in the end. Habit changing and how to do it. The more common the addiction, the harder it is to give up. That's why sugar addiction is the big danger, as it is not only available everywhere, but advertised and is VERY similar to what you have to eat just to stay alive. Changing potato fries to sweet potato fries can be the simple change that taught a guy to be able to change more with confidence.

    What makes a guy take time out podcast every day of a dream holiday with his lover? Josh explains the answer.

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    Alas poor Yorick

    The The concert, dead cow in a Love and other bruises. D&D reminisce about the old days of eighties British Pop over sharers such as THE THE which leads Dan to share some of the dark observations of natures brutality that he made while growing up in the countryside of south Gippsland. Dan returns from Mardan and Leongatha with a roadside Bonsai that he liberated with a pic and shovel and Derek requires more information about tree collecting. How not to kill a Bonsai and the art of spotting animal bones from a moving car. Life and death on the farm. Killing rowdy roosters in Broome. Vietnam Veterens, Robot soldiers, Derek's bid for the Nobel Peace Prize, protecting the kittens at all costs, the back story of bones. The ethics of Bonsai, bird breeding and Guppy fancying. The quick guide to Guppy breeding.

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    Derek Has a new Button

    Body dismorphia. Pooing your way to weight loss and if that doesn't work get on the meth diet. Listening to kids music 'cause you're too old to cope with the emotions your old records bring up. Dan's Mum leaves a message revealing his fetish for drinking a baby bottle. Derek had a duck that had a cork screw old chap and other childhood horrors.

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    Fear or Battle prep?

    Through stuffed up sinuses, Derek discusses being aware of the possibility of a heart attack compared to Dan being aware of every single person in a crowded room. wiping the slate clean with grog. Is exhausting crowd consciousness due to fear, past trauma Or possibly a throwback to the fight or flight mechanisms that make you scan for enemies, scope the battlefield and plan your escape. 7 pints of cider a health day for North London Irishmen. Dan can't wait to have his brain plugged into the cloud. God help us if that is just mega cyber twitter. Optus help us to take moral high ground on over use of technology - because it doesn't work. Back to basics would be a great idea but will possibly be only available for the privileged. Baby Boomers broke the world, Gen X rode the destruction eating focaccia and buying houses off their own grandkids, Gen Y got busy making Millennials to train to SAVE us all.

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    Fat Boy Milkshakes or Pet Shop Tapeworms?

    Meal replacement drinks... why do they have to be dressed up to look and taste like the shit you shouldn't ever consume after you have lost the weight? Every bastard has weight loss advice for 100KG plus guys... even Dan suggests a big tapeworm and methamphetamine addiction. Mums were speed addicts Derek admits to just following nutrition advice that other blokes have paid for. Derek introduces a new podcast in production "The Good Paddock" that will go deeper into all this male weight stuff. We start a conversation about social media that has a long way to go....

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